Monday, February 23, 2009

So I bought a Leica R8

So I bought a Leica R8. I missed holding it. Although it is similar to an F4 in terms of features and quality, it costs quite a bit more (more about this in the next post). But it's a great camera with wonderful colorful style of its own. The lenses and the build quality are what make it a Leica. Here's a comparison between the Nikkor and Leica lenses:

-Nikon lenses are pretty color accurate and medium contrasty. No colors pop out more than others, and some people say it has a brown tone (which would be hard to notice without a reference on hand). The "bokeh" or out of focus regions are oil paint in texture with open apertures. Out of focus lights are circles in the center, bending to cat eye shaped blobs for ~50mm or less lenses.

-The Leica lenses also have a reasonably accurate color balance, with colors popping out more, much more contrast, and a yellow/green emphasis to my eye.

Both lenses have very lovely qualities and are useful in their own ways. If you're a painter and you're painting with blue and red, you're still going to need blue even if it's twice as expensive as red. I think the camera will enhance my art and will not be redundant, but if it is, it goes back off to the auction block. I'll have a back to back breakdown of my two favorite professional 35mm SLRs up next.

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